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      A lovely meal out with friends or a romantic rendezvous for two. Eeek! Danger zone!!

      However it needn’t be a disaster to the waistline. Here’s a few tips I personally follow. They may not work for everyone so please tread carefully; but hopefully they provide some guidance…

      1. Check out the restaurant before you go. Look at the menu/wine list and do your research for low syn options. My ideal meal out is Italian as those tomatoey pastas and fish dishes are perfect for the SW agenda!
      2. Make your meal choice before you go and DO NOT LOOK AT THE MENU! I personally go prepared and pre plan my meal then avoid the menu so I’m not led astray!
      3. Know your audience. Do these people normally get dessert? Try and fill up on syn free stuff so come dessert time you won’t be tempted. Or, if you want to join in, try sorbet for a low syn choice.
      4. Volunteer to be the designated driver. Alcohol free means less of those pesky syns! If you do want wine with dinner remember the drier the better for saving on syns and mixing with diet lemonade or soda water to string it out is a winner
      5. Save your syns throughout the week to ‘spend’ while you’re out. This is definitely not endorsed by SW and, again, it won’t work for everyone so tread carefully; but for me this works.
      6. Get a jug of lemon water for the table and drink like your life depends on it. You’ll flush out antioxidants, fill yourself up more quickly and feel great the next day – no wine head!

      A typical meal out for me would consist of:
      Starter: tomato and mozzarella (hexa) salad
      Main: penne arrabiatta
      Dessert: lemon sorbet (5syns)
      Drinks: 2 x dry white (12syns) and LOTS of water with lemon

      Hope this helps.

      I’d love to hear your tips for eating out

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        Some great tips there, Princess! Can I also add that before you order what seems to be a syn-friendly salad you should check what goes into the dressing. I like my salads undressed anyway, but a lot of restaurant salad dressings are high in fat and/or sugar. What may seem like a healthy choice may contain more syns than you think! Also, any that are served with croutons or other additions may also bump up the syn value.

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          Excellent point LadyAngel,  sometimes salads can be deceivingly fattening. I know nandos put nuts, avocado and dressing on their salad and can be up to 9 syns for the dish! It's still very healthy but hidden syns!

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