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Creating 'tweaked' recipes

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      What is a ‘tweak’ when referring to Slimming World recipes? The main pointer is that free foods, when ‘tweaked’ in a way that changes the way they are intended to be served (eg roasted chickpeas, blended fruit), lose their filling power and therefore we tend to consume more so they must be synned.

      For instance, using lasagne sheets as ‘crisps’, or making your own crisps from potatoes, using couscous as flour etc. Anything that changes a recipe, or the way in which it was intended to be cooked, is classed as a ‘tweak’ and should be synned.

      You need to use your own discretion when ‘tweaking’ a recipe or using one that you have found. I personally very seldom use ‘tweaks’ and tend not to syn them, but if you want to, then you need to use the syn value of the ingredients as defined on the official Slimming World website.

      Please use the recipes you find on this website at your own discretion; we define ‘free’ as in the ingredients that are classed as free within the Slimming World eating plan, but all recipes we post are posted as-is and we are not responsible for any misrepresented syn values etc.

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      Please use our forums for website support unless your support request contains sensitive info. For recipe support, please use the comments section below the recipe itself.

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